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Jointness is a term (1991) in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic concept, explaining a face-lift at regular item connection that takes place from the start of life. Till nowadays teamwork (propounded by Margaret Mahler 1968, 1975) is the common term for a regular item relationship, while Ronnie Solan highlights that symbiosis represents impairment in things connection.

Jointness is determined as a powerful procedure standing for an emotional system for attachment and for interaction between different people that jointly approach each various other in a 3rd, shared, virtual space. Jointness represents an experience between mom and little one, therapist and patient, or any type of companions experiencing concurrently mutual intimacy, while concomitantly guarding separateness.

The newborn, incredibly early in life, perceives the other, even his mom, as a "not-I" (it suggests a psychic process to guard one's own self), and is attached to the "not-I mom" by an intimate acquaintance with her via his/her senses. When both, mother and child, dedicate themselves to intimacy, that temporarily obscures the boundaries in between them, separateness can be guarded. Because of this, infant could gradually create his/her own borders and recognize those of his/her things and could invest their own innate capacities to take part in human communications and enjoy partnerships (" motivational networks," Emde, 1988).

The advancement of this basic process of jointness between infant and mother relies on mother's capability to put up with separateness. It is the mother who imprints the top quality and the magnitude of the rapprochement-separation balancing process in their partnership, while both of them are totally purchased each various other.

The unique jointness and the unique interaction, in an unique psychic virtual space are made by the sharing of interests (psychological or cognitive), and by the mutual investment of partners in a joint sensation, things, or suggestion, significant to both. All vital human communication represents both the separateness of both (or additional) individuals and their participating a third virtual area. Hence, "jointness" elicits the triadic (triangulation) things connections (mother's space - "virtual transitional area" - baby's area). Stock ticker

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